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Be at peace concerning your call. You simply must be that which I ordain you to be and I do know what I am doing. Your job is to worship me, praise Me, to draw near to Me, to be my "best friend". You are to bring honor and glory to Me, not the Church, not the prophetic, not any phase of any ministry. But your job, your delight is to come to Me daily and sing my praises.
Your delight, your joy is to come to Me daily and to worship me, to praise Me. Mary sat at Jesus' feet and worshipped. That is your call in life - to lavish praise and worship upon the Lord, to groom the Lord, to be his handmaiden, to love him with all of your heart, to tell him your secret burdens, to be his companion.

I made you for myself, daughter. I've created you to love Me, to worship me. Oh, how happy I am when you come to me and spend time with me. How it thrills the heart of God to have his daughter spending time with him, loving him, praising him, worshipping him, sharing her intimate thoughts with him.
I have missed thee, saith the Lord. I've missed our cherished time of intercession and prayer. I've missed our special times of quietness and love. I've missed you, saith the Lord, as you have been busy about the church's business, and your husband's business, and the prophetic's business.

What of my business for thee, daughter? I would tell thee that I have much poems for you. I have much songs to pour though you. I have much revelation to give you. Lay aside the other works that you have been doing and concentrate yourself on being my handmaiden, for that is your call. You are my personal handmaiden, saith the Lord, to sit at my feet, to receive my revelation, to sings my songs and to lavish the love of your heart upon Me. I will not have you loving a church. I will not have you loving a system. I will hot even have you loving the prophetic. For your love is reserved unto me. I am a jealous God and a jealous husband, a jealous lover and a jealous companion for you.
Do not love, nor cherish, nor go after anything but me. I you seek me I will add all things unto you. All that you seek to put together in the natural will be added to you as you seek Me alone.

I am the key. I am the door to your future. You rush to and fro trying to find the one who will put it all together for you, who will make it all happen and you do not know that it is I. There is not earthly figure. Scour the earth, saith the Lord. You will find no one whom I will allow to put it together for you.
There is not a person on earth who can do for you what you want done - only the Son of God. Only Jesus can swing the doors that you want opened. Only Jesus can provide you with that independent ministry that you desire beyond the control of men. I am closing every channel, blocking every door that could promote you through the hand of man. And I am reserving you unto myself. Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Permission by Don Franklin

~ prophecy as received by Don Franklin ~

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